These instructions are for those invited to present a poster. If you were asked to present a talk, you do not need to prepare a poster. If you are unsure, please contact the conference organizers.

Posters will be on display for the duration of the conference. Posters corresponding with odd numbered submissions will present during the poster session Monday. Posters corresponding with even numbered submissions will present during the poster session Tuesday.

Posters may be up to 4ft (1.2m) square.  You may bring your own or print locally. Poster printing is available at a special rate from MIT's CopyTech ($84) including delivery to the conference venue (if paying by cash/check).  If you wish to take advantage of this option, please submit onine by Tuesday, 6/16 according to instructions below. If you cannot make that deadline, posters can also be printed at FedEx Office near the Marriott and conference venue.

  1. Prepare a 3.5 ft x 4 ft poster and save in Portable Document Format (.pdf). Ensure that the dimensions specified in the file are 3.5 ft x 4 ft. (In Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can check the dimensions of the file in File -> Properties). Try viewing your poster at full (100%) size to check that images are of sufficient resolution. Note that images tend to look better on computer screens than in print, so they should be vector graphics when possible or, for raster graphics, 300dpi or higher.
  2. Sign in to CopyTech's website at . If you are an MIT affiliate, you can sign in with your Athena username/password. Otherwise, please create an account. You do not need to enter anything in the "Payment Method" field.
  3. Upload the .pdf file of your poster and click "Go"
  4. At the top right of the web form next to "Order Site" select "Student Center - Large Format Poster"
  5. In the "Print" tab of "Printing Options", select Output "Color", Plex "One-Sided", and Paper Stock "Glossy Paper. Enter Glossy Stock - 3.5 ft x 4 ft. - AMAM 2015. 
  6. In "Billing Information", select your payment option, enter 100% at the box on the right. If you can pay by cash or check (made payable to "MIT Copytech"), you can submit your payment upon check-in and volunteers can pick up your poster for you.  Enter "AMAM 2015 volunteers are authorized to pick up my poster" in "Shipping Information" "Special Instructions". If you are paying by credit card, you will need to visit CopyTech at the Stratton Student Center to pay and pick up your poster (9am - 5pm).
  7. When you are finished, select "Place Order".